Academic Research

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

The Academic Research Programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Technology promote multidisciplinary, application-based research. They are also designed to help students jumpstart their careers — whether in industry or academia.

PhD in Engineering

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering is a three-year full-time and four-year part-time programme. 

It is a structured research programme that employs global research philosophy and practices. Supervisory teams regularly check on the progress of students and guide them through any problems they might be facing. The programme uses periodic assessment and credit-based progression, and the course work is available through e‑learning platforms like MOOCs and Swayam. Additionally, the Faculty’s numerous national and international partnerships open the door to international learning and collaboration opportunities. 

The thrust areas of engineering are: Civil, Computer Science, Communication, Electrical, Electronics, Medical Image Processing, AI and Machine Learning, Bio-signal Processing, Biomedical Instrumentation, Nano Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering, Sensors and Sensor Networking For Biomedical Applications, Image and Video Processing, Cognitive Neuro-science, Image Processing, Photonics, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Material Science, Automotive, Aerospace, Turbomachine, Heat Transfer, Robotics, Plastics and Composites.