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Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences

The Academic Research Programmes offered by the Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences include PhDs in the Life Sciences and the Food Sciences. 

PhD in Life Sciences


Life Sciences is the umbrella term that represents the study of life and living organisms, and includes the evolution of biology into a multidimensional, multidisciplinary field of study. 

This PhD programme by FLAHS emphasizes research in the basic sciences with a specific focus on application-based research. It is designed to cater to the needs of the hour and to meet international standards of innovation in research. One of the chief goals of the programme is to provide students from various fields of biology an opportunity to pursue their passion of research and development. 

The programme focuses on the research themes of:

  • Cancer Phytotherapeutics

  • Cell Death Mechanisms

  • Molecular Immune Mechanisms in Allergic Manifestation

  • Lectin Biology

  • Characterization of Therapeutic Molecules In Vitro Human Primary and Cell Line Culture System

  • Antimicrobial Resistance Mechanism, Designing and Development of Beta-Lactamase Inhibitors

  • Proteomic Study of Dengue Virus

  • Genomics, Multi-Omics and Bioinformatics

PhD in Food Sciences


The PhD in Food Sciences programme is ideal for individuals with a postgraduate degree in related sciences who are looking to enhance their research and academic experience in the field of food sciences. The programme integrates the disciplines of chemistry, microbiology, food engineering, and nutrition, and equips students for success in food-related careers in industry, government, and academia. Students can choose to pursue their specialization in the areas of:

  • Food Chemistry

  • Food Microbiology/​Food Safety & Quality 

  • Food Engineering

  • Food Processing

  • Food Storage & Packaging 

  • Nutraceuticals/​Functional Foods 

  • Nutrition and Dietetics 

  • Metabolomics/​Proteomics/​Genomics applications in Food Science.