Intellectual Property Rights Policy

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy deals with the ownership and commercialisation of intellectual property generated within the University or jointly with third parties. It includes patents, copyrights, and other forms of ownership of rights to intellectual property. 

  1. Ownership of intellectual property is determined in the following ways: 

How GeneratedStudent Project — Undergraduate and PostgraduatePh.D. ResearchSponsored Research Projects and Consultancy ArrangementsDuring Teaching / Learning, On campus ActivityIntellectual Property Generated by a non member of the University, but entered into an agreement with University for communication of Patent / IPR
Inventor(s)Student/​s & Project Supervisor/​sResearch Scholar & Project Supervisor/​sResearch TeamStudent/​s and/​or Member of StaffThird Party
Patent OwnerUniversityUniversitySponsoring Agency or University or Joint ownershipUniversityThird Party & University

  • Expenses related to the filing and awarding of the patent will be borne by the University.

  • The University reserves the right in its absolute discretion to decide upon whether to file an application for the award of patents or not.

  • Those interested in the commercialisation of University-owned IPR should enter into an agreement with the University. The University may appoint consultants or patent commercialisation organisations for this purpose. The terms of the agreements will be negotiated in each instance on a case-by-case basis. 

  • On commercialization of a patent, the net revenue (after dedication of all expenses incurred) generated by the University may be shared with the inventor/​s. The percentage given to the inventors normally ranges between 15 to 25% of the net revenue. 

  • In Category 5, the commercialisation of the IPR will be the subject matter of a separate agreement between the University and the inventor/​s.

  • For all situations described in Clause 1 above, an empowered committee — constituted by the Vice Chancellor — will be the final authority to make decisions with respect to technology, commercialisation agreement, revenue sharing percentages, and other commercial and legal aspects of such agreements.