Sponsored Research brings together academics, research, and industry, encouraging different entities to channel efforts and resources towards a common goal. 

The Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences works with several national and international organisations and businesses to conduct groundbreaking research in the areas of renewable energy, the environment, agriculture, and IT and electronics. The research team at RUAS often collaborates with ISRO, DRDO, DST, DBT and other government bodies on projects that contribute to the safety and progress of the nation. 

Till date, RUAS has undertaken more than 120 sponsored research projects. 

Sponsored Research projects are promoted as they:

  • Support the national research programmes associated with critical areas like Defence, Space, Energy, Environment, and Industry

  • Lead to the creation of Centres of Excellence in areas of national and societal interest

  • Inculcate a scientific temper among students and faculty members

  • Encourage collaboration with international universities and organisations.

Research Focus

High Priority R&D Domains 

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Sciences 
  • Bio, Nano and Composite Materials 
  • Biotechnology, Food Technology and Public Health 
  • Business Analytics and Digital Transformation 
  • Business and Commercial Law 
  • Composite Structures
  • Computational Mechanics and Sciences 
  • Drug Design and Discovery Technologies 
  • Health, Ethics and law 
  • Higher Education
  • Public Sector Reforms 
  • International Politics and Diplomacy

Sponsored Projects

Funding Agencies

Sponsored Equipment

Following are the equipments obtained from the sponsored research

Equipment List