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  • The primary focus is in method development for the estimation of various natural and synthetic products and validation of these methods. We are actively involved in the below mentioned activities Method development and validation of various… read more
  • The Antennas and Electromagnetics research group focuses on Antenna Systems for Advanced Radiations, High Power Microwave Systems and Radar Systems.
  • The Apparel Design and Testing research group focuses on creativity and systematic innovation. This is done in the production of textile fibres, yarns, fabrics, apparel manufacturing, fashionable clothing and need-based clothing for special… read more
  • To model, simulate and analyse various vehicle systems for exploring and assessing critical ground vehicle designs and tech​nolo​gies​.To be involved in vehicle styling, body design, and occupant ergonom​ics​.To address the problems associated with… read more
  • This group focuses on the Design and Development of Intelligent Transportation Systems using ICN for VANET to support driver assistance, real-time traffic information, automatic route guidance and real-time weather reports and road condition… read more
  • To model, simulate and analyse multi-dimensional statistical and machine learning algorithms for big data analytics applied to healthcare, cellular networks, climate and agri​cul​ture​.To investigate and develop new data modelling algorithms for big… read more
  • The Biomedical Signal Processing research group focuses on designing efficient bio-electric signal processing and transmission algorithms to improve the overall performance of biomedical devices such as bionic hands, bionic legs, etc. We emphasise… read more
  • The focus of the Biomedical System Modelling and Simulations research group is mainly physiological systems modeling, simulation and control. At present, we are working on knee implants and dental implants modelling using Finite Element Analysis… read more