Big Data Modelling Research Centre (BDMRC)


The processing and management of data, which is growing at a record rate in today’s world, is the most pressing challenge faced by almost every organisation. The Big Data Modelling Research Center (BDMRC) focuses on developing research expertise and contributions by applying analytics-oriented methodologies to study critical problems of high national and global value.

Big data analytics is one of the new frontiers of IT. Emerging technologies offer new ways to process and transform big data (defined as complex, unstructured, or large amounts of data) into meaningful insights. However, they also require IT to deploy infrastructure differently to support the distributed processing requirements and real-time demands of big data analytics. Our research themes thus revolve around mathematical modelling of big data, new statistical methods for the analysis of high-dimensional data, and fast and memory-efficient algorithms that leverage new data analytic solutions for challenging applications. 

We are involved in fundamental research on all aspects of big data, and are developing novel computational and statistical analyses of massive and complex data sets that arise in varied scientific and industrial applications. Our interdisciplinary research brings together computer scientists, applied mathematicians and statisticians, to work on applications from diverse areas, such as network analysis, predictive modelling, healthcare analytics and social media analytics. One of the primary goals of the center is to provide opportunities for students to engage in real-world projects with active faculty mentoring

Research Topics

  • Data Management for Predictive Analytics
  • Large Storage (“Big Data”)
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Big Data, Social Media and Firm Decision-making
  • Big Data and Ethics in a Cross-cultural Environment
  • Development of Security Framework for the Customised Blockchain Architecture for Cloud Computing Environment
  • Data Visualisation

We are committed to innovate in the development of theoretical and quantitative models, visualisation techniques and systems for big data analytics and apply to domains such as healthcare.

  • To model, simulate and analyse multi-dimensional statistical and machine learning algorithms for big data analytics applied to healthcare, cellular networks, climate and agriculture.
  • To investigate and develop new data modelling algorithms for big data. 
  • To pursue research to refine quality metrics for big data analytics.
  • To formulate, analyse and improvise the contemporary techniques and algorithms in the development of big data computing. 
  • To identify potential applications requiring big data modelling and analysis. 
  • Currently processing unstructured data sources.
  • To devise a framework for visualisation of large scale data to promote business intelligence.


  • Training Resources: The university provides resources for learning how to use research tools
  • Programming Resources: Resources for researchers who want to program in Python, R, Matlab, Spark, NIFI, FLUME, HBASE, Phoenix, MySQL, etc.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: To share your data with colleagues or the public.
  • Permanent Public Repository 


  • Data Backup Service Center
  • Cloud Services
  • Internal and External Drives
  • General Purpose Cluster (GPC)
  • Cloud-based Research Cluster 


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  • IEEE Transactions on Big Data
  • Big Data, Liebert Publishers
  • Elsevier Applied Soft Computing
  • Springer — Journal of Big data 
  • EPJ Data Science Springer Open 
  • Intelligent Data Analysis Journal (IOS Press) 
  • Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal (Springer-Verlag)
Big Data Modelling Research Centre (BDMRC)
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