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Faculty of Art and Design

The Faculty of Art and Design offers PhD programmes in Fashion Design and Product Design. Structured to be comprehensive and industry-focussed, these programmes help students jumpstart their careers — whether in industry or academia. 

PhD in Fashion Design


The Doctor of Philosophy in Fashion Design is a three-year full-time programme and a four-year part-time programme. It focuses on various aspects of Fashion Design including textiles, garment manufacturing, fashion, and craft. 

The programme encourages independent thinking and innovative, application-based research. Multidisciplinary thinking is promoted and students learn to navigate the fields of smart medicine, geo, agro, space, cosmetics, military, etc. The programme aims to spearhead research that will not only result in overall development of the industry but will also solve critical societal problems as well. 

PhD in Product Design


The PhD programme in Product Design focuses on the fundamental aspects of design activity — from comprehension and methodology to values and philosophy. The unique programme also emphasizes interdisciplinary design research. 

The three-year full-time programme and four-year part-time programme offers an excellent research ambience. Students have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, with dedicated labs and studios as well as 21 research centres and one incubation centre. They are guided by experienced and distinguished professors who help them expand their knowledge and mould them into independent thinkers.