Software Engineering Research Centre


The focus of the Software Engineering Research Centre is to investigate into the theory and practice of concurrency with software dependability as a goal, software fault localisation, and machine learning enabled program analysis. We are also working on methodologies and techniques to develop and assess dependable concurrent software and are studying static analysis approaches to worst case execution time analysis of real-time concurrent programs. 

Research Topics

  • Abstract Interpretation to Perform, for example, Null Pointer Analysis and WCET Analysis
  • Processes and Methodologies to Enhance Software Dependability
  • Role of Machine Learning in Program Analysis
  • Application of Data Mining Techniques to Software Defects

Our mission is to create and enhance knowledge that enables creation of highly dependable systems by virtue of incorporating dependability into software components

  • To create quality models for software dependability.
  • To create program analysers that aid in the prevention of software bugs.
  • To design static analysers based on abstract interpretation (for example to perform WCET analysis).
  • To infer static analysers from data using AI techniques.
  • To develop frameworks for Software Fault Localisation.
  • To create Dependable Service Function Chains.
Big Data Modelling Research Centre (BDMRC)
Ramaiah University
#470-P, Peenya Industrial Area, 4th Phase, Bengaluru-560058
Dr. Padma Priya Dharishini Ms. Jishmi Jos Choondal Ms. Naveeta Rani Mr. Sagar D Mr. Nithin Rao R Dr. S M Hari Krishna