Centre for Aeronautical and Micro Air Vehicles Research


Aerospace technologies directly impact a country’s overall development and global standing. In today’s time, we can see an increasing use of aerospace technology applications, like unmanned aircrafts in defense and civilian applications, satellites for communication, entertainment and navigation, and improved gas turbines for better fuel efficiency and reduced pollution. The Centre for Aeronautical and Micro Air Vehicles Research (CAMAVR) focuses on applied research in a few areas of interest to the country. We are working towards participating in international competitions to measure ourselves against the best in the field. We are also generating IPR in terms of publications and patents.

Our mission is to be the premier research centre in aerospace technologies

  • To conduct research in support of aerospace programmes of national importance.
  • To carry out design, analysis and computational studies in the area of aerodynamics, propulsion and structural mechanics.
  • To develop Multi Objective Design Optimisation capability for aerospace applications.
  • To develop Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) simulations coupling CFD and structural analyses.
  • To synthesise new design rules and tools for development of the UAV. 
  • To be the interface between academics and industry in terms of high end research
  • To impart practical training on concepts and practices related to aeronautics, propulsion, turbomachinery and MAVs.
  • To transfer appropriate technologies developed for commercialisation and entrepreneurship development.