Center for Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence


The Center for Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence focuses on bringing together researchers working on various aspects of creating intelligent systems. We strive to develop intelligent techniques as solutions to problems in computer vision, wireless networks, biomedical engineering, natural language processing and signal processing. We actively promote participation in international competitions, workshops, conferences, symposia, etc., in order to gain maximum exposure. The CMLCI aims to provide technical support to M.Tech, M.Phil and Ph.D students and is working towards publishing their research findings in journals of high global reputation. We also aim to develop intellectual property resulting in national and international patents. 

Proposed Research Work

  • ● Algorithms for Biomedical Visualisation and fMRI Analysis
  • ● Architecture and Algorithms for Deep Learning
  • ● Algorithms for Video Surveillance: Object Tracking and Person Identification
  • ● Machine Learning Applications for Visual Saliency Detection
  • ● Algorithms for Natural Language Processing
  • ● Machine Learning Algorithms for Music Analysis
  • ● Intelligent Pattern Classification Techniques for Audio and Video Processing
  • ● Intelligent Techniques for Secure Localisation and Routing for Applications in IoTs and Precision Agriculture

The research center shall achieve excellence in the development, optimisation and validation of machine learning and computational intelligence algorithms as solutions for problems in computer vision, image processing, biomedical, wireless networks, and other pertinent domains.

  • To develop, validate and apply machine learning and computational intelligence algorithms to address challenges in computer vision, image processing, wireless networks and other engineering domains characterised by large volumes of data.
  • To design, simulate and develop dependable artificial intelligent systems using computational intelligence.
  • To develop mathematical simulation models to implement the concepts of Topic Models” and Learning Automata” using machine learning algorithms and pattern recognition techniques.
  • To optimise machine learning algorithms for effective implementation on various hardware platforms.
  • To transfer technologies developed for commercialisation and entrepreneurship.
  • To pursue joint initiatives for collaboration and partnerships with Universities, Research Centers and Industries in the development of robotic systems using computational intelligence and machine learning algorithms.
  • To disseminate knowledge on concepts of machine learning and computational intelligence.