Centre for Signal Processing and Communications Systems Research

  • Research Head

    Dr. Ramaswamy Karthikeyan B


The Centre for Signal Processing and Communications Systems Research, or CSPCSR, is focused on the development of nationally and socially significant technology, in the core areas of research in communication and signal processing. We are developing an AI system to build cognitive intelligence over conventional radar systems (cognitive radars), and Software Defined Radio Systems that can enable complete customisation. By involving M.Tech and M.S. by Research students, we are honing future engineers with the required skills and capabilities. We encourage them to gain exposure by participating in various international competitions. We are also working towards our work getting published in research publications and filing patents.


  • Design and Simulation of Digital Beamforming Transceiver System 
  • Development of Optic Flow Algorithms for Autonomous Navigation of MAVs
  • Shooter Localisation
  • Soldier Ad-Hoc Network and Wireless Communication for Round the Corner Shooting 
  • Selection of Appropriate Routing Protocol and Development of Ad-Hoc Network for Military Applications
  • Design and Development of OMAP 3530 and Max II CPLD based High Speed USB Mass Storage Device 
  • Design and Development of Wireless Video Interface to Wearable Computer for Corner Round Firing Application
  • Design and Development of Helmet Mounted Conformal Antenna for Military Application

We endeavour to pursue collaborative multidisciplinary research on state of the art technologies and algorithms to support the design, simulation and development of contemporary radar and communication systems.

  • To apply the contemporary techniques for the design and development of microwave circuitry and RF front end modules to meet the performance requirements of radar and communication systems.
  • To perform research on design and optimisation studies to arrive at a geometric configuration of appropriate class of antennas to meet the specific requirements of given radar and communication system applications.
  • To pursue research to improvise and optimise the performance of adaptive algorithms for baseband signal processing of communication systems.
  • To formulate and recommend solutions for the Human Machine Interface (HMI) for speech and gesture recognition in the multimedia environment.
  • To investigate the optimality and reconfigurability of processors for the realisation of high performance ASICs in communication system modules.
  • To design and develop embedded processors and FPGA based prototype hardware for implementation of communication subsystems.
  • To perform simulation studies and develop communication and network protocols for distributed applications to meet the performance requirements of terrestrial and underwater communication systems.
  • To develop novel algorithms and methods to enhance the efficiency and security of the existing communication network protocols.
  • To adapt a system engineering approach for adopting the strategic global technological initiatives towards communication system development from conceptualisation to system design.
  • To formulate and recommend solutions to the challenges of a multidisciplinary approach in the design and integration of subsystems of contemporary radar and communication systems.

  • Antenna Measurement Systems (Anechoic Chamber)
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Vector Network Analyser
  • Software Tools (Empro, Empire)

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Centre for Signal Processing and Communications Systems Research
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