Sanitation, Waste Management and Environmental Engineering Research Centre


The importance of energy efficiency, environmental cleanliness and waste generation is increasing against the background of growing population, pandemics, urbanisation and climate change. The SWMEE research centre is concerned with the effects of natural and anthropogenic activities on the environment, with a goal to protect the human population and safeguard the environment. We are engaged in the development of efficient and selective techniques to remove contaminants from air, water, soil and sediments. We are working on efficacious utilisation of water, air and soil resources to maintain a sustainable environment. We also undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment and focus on green and sustainable energy.

This research centre supports the development of engineers and researchers with specialised skills and capabilities to deal with new challenges by involving UG students, PG students and Research Scholars. We are actively organising and participating in symposia, seminars, conferences, workshops and competitions on SWMEE topics at regional, national and international levels. We are undertaking research projects in collaboration with national and international funding agencies such as WHO, DST, CSIR, UGC, BRNS, KSCST, VGST, etc. We promote industry-academia interactions and are working towards publishing our work in research publications and protecting the SWMEE technology through patents. We are also working on the commercialisation of SWMEERC technologies through RUAS.


M.Tech Dissertations

  • Preparation of Green Nanoparticles in lab and their Characterisation by using Developed Green Nanoparticles Removal of Heavy Metals/​Dyes from Waste Water and Study of their Antimicrobial Activity. — Dr Jyotsna Kumar
  • Focus on Synthesis, Fabrication and Development of Films by using Green Chemistry. Characterisation of Developed Film and their Applications for the Removal of Heavy Metals, Dyes and their Antimicrobial Activity. — Dr. Jyotsna Kumar
  • Development of Green Innovation Framework for Manufacturing Sector — Mr Vijay Kumar and Mr Arun R
  • Urban Farming Model
  • Alternate Methods of Food Production to Minimise Waste, Increase Use of Local Foods and Reduce Food Miles
  • Guidelines for Eco-friendly Practices by Food Industry
  • Design and Development of the Air Purifier for Traffic Pollution
    Supervisors — Dr B S Dayanand & Mr Sooraj Mohan
  • Design and Analysis of Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant to Achieve Zero Liquid Discharge
    Supervisors — Dr Harshad R Parate & Dr H M Rajashekhar Swamy
  • Production of Biodiesel from Grease Trap Extracted at Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant 
    Supervisors — Dr B S Dayanand & Dr Ananth Iyengar
  • Design of an Aerobic Composter for Garden Waste with Enzymatic Treatment
    Supervisors — Ms Priyanka & Dr B S Dayanand
  • Design and Development of Micro Scale Anaerobic Digester
    Supervisors — Dr B S Dayanand & Ms Priyanka
  • Study on Phytoremediation of STP Effluent by Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce Supervisors — Ms Priyanka & Dr Lokesh A C
  • Comprehensive Study of Solid Waste Management in Davangere City
    Supervisors — Dr B S Dayanand & Ms Sushma R
  • A Study on Microbial Fuel Cell Design to Generate Electricity using Wastewater Treatment
    Supervisors — Ms Sushma R & Dr Harshad R Parate
  • Design and Development of Treatment Units for Industrial Effluent and Sewage Water
    Supervisors — Ms Priyanka N & Dr Dayananda B S
  • Experimental and Modelling Studies of Heat Generation from Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
    Supervisors — Dr H N Rajashekar Swamy & Ms Sushma R
  • Design and Development of Disinfection Unit for Secondary Treated Wastewater
    Supervisors — Ms Priyanka N & Ms Sushma R
  • Comprehensive Study on Solid Waste Management Plan for K R Market
    Supervisors — Dr B S Dayanand & Ms Priyanka N

Group Projects

  • Development of a Cost Effective Purification Device for Bathroom Wastewater Reuse

Supervisors — Dr H M Rajashekhar Swamy & Dr Harshad R Parate

  • Development of Cost Effective Purifier for Grey Water using Naturally Available Materials

Supervisors — Dr H M Rajashekhar Swamy & Dr Harshad R Parate

  • Defluoridation Using Al/​Zr Impregnated Activated Charcoal

Supervisors — Dr J R Mudakavi & Dr Harshad R Parate

The SWMEERC is committed and dedicated for the development of innovative and sustainable technologies directed towards a cleaner, greener and safer environment.

  • To analyse the current challenges in sanitation and waste management from public health, community service and governance perspectives for providing affordable and sustainable solutions.
  • To formulate and implement awareness programs to emphasise the societal effects of poor sanitation and waste management on rural and urban communities.
  • To design and implement innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable technologies for sanitation, waste management and recycling to address the specific nature of prevalent problems.
  • To study and provide remediation related to air, water and soil arising out of anthropogenic activities.
  • To develop waste to energy/​waste to wealth technologies.
  • To design and develop processing plants conforming to the requirements of specified category of waste management.
  • To commercialise processes and products for the efficient disposal of waste including bio-waste.
  • To disseminate knowledge on principles and practices of environmental protection and waste management.