Software Engineering and Big Data Research Centre


The main focus of the Software Engineering and Big Data Research Centre is to conduct research on predictive analytics with applications to healthcare, agriculture, etc., and text mining with applications to social media. We are also working on software defect prevention and detection methods in concurrent programs guided by Program Analysis and Machine Learning approaches.

Proposed Research Work

● Spatiotemporal Data Modelling using Graph Signal Processing

● Identification of Security Threat Patterns using Machine Learning Techniques

● Big Data Solutions to Healthcare to Evolve Efficient and Effective Processes in Hospitals

● Quality Models for Software Dependability, Program Analysis and Concurrency

Our mission is to perform interdisciplinary research work in big data and domains such as healthcare, so as to integrate data processing solutions into specific domain architectures for improved decision making. We also hope to evolve methodologies that can easily be practised to construct highly dependable concurrent software components.

  • To perform predictive analytics in various application domains including healthcare and develop case studies and innovate on algorithms.
  • To conduct research work on spatiotemporal data modelling using graph signal processing.
  • To devise novel and effective methods to enhance dependability of concurrent software based systems.