Biomaterials Research Centre

  • Research Head

    Dr. Srikari Srinivasan


Bench to Bedside Solutions”

With the motto of developing solutions for medical ailments in general and dental in particular,

BMRC aims at developing new materials, processes and devices which will be delivered for

Indian population.

Focus is on developing new materials and devices which will meet the requirements at

affordable cost for Indian population.

  • To involve both dental practioners, Engineers and Scientists to cater the needs of biomedical
  • applications
  • Involving PG and Research Scholars
  • Research Publications, Patents
  • Competitions
  • Product development

Proposed Research work

  • Development of novel dental restorative materials
  • Development of remineralization materials
  • Development of scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Development of dental regenerative materials
  • Simulation studies on fracture behavior of dental restorative materials
  • Development of reconstruction device for mandibular defects to facilitate prosthetic rehabilitation 
  • Development of mini implants for mandibular construction


  • Dr. Pushpalatha, Dr. Sriakri S., Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Bioactive Theobromine Based Nanofiber Composite as a Dental Restorative Material, ICMR, 950000
  • Dr Ashmitha K Shetty: Development of smart polymer bioconjugated with human umbilical cord blood serum proteins and its regeneration potential on human dental pulp cells. ICMR 15.00.000
  • Dr Mahantesha Estimation of serum titanium levels in individuals having endosseous titanium dental implants with and without peri implantitis: Clinical and biochemical study.ICMR 15,00,000
  • Dr Shruthi Nagaraj /​Dr Pushpalatha Characterisation of liquid platelet rich fibrin as a novel drug delivery system for mineral trioxide aggregate and bio dentine –ICMR 12,50,000
  • Dr. Sivaranjani Gali (Fellowship), Dr. Srikari S. (Supervisor) Experimental and Simulation DBT Fellowship Studies on Prediction of Crack Initiation and Propagation of Fracture in Dental Ceramic Restorations, Welcome-DBT
  • Dr Shruthi Nagaraj , Proteomic characterization of induced blood obtained during revascularization procedure and co relation with regenerative outcome: A proof of concept study ‑50,000
  • Dr Shruthi Nagaraj , A cement dispenser with accurate powder liquid ratio-GEF 500000
  • Dr Shruthi Nagaraj , Design of modified mouth mirror and suction tip:-GEF 1000000
  • Dr Babashankar Alva/​Dr Suma , Chrysalis reinforced oral prosthesis-GEF 10,00,000 – 16,00,000


  • Dr. Pushpalatha:Intraoral liquid bandages for drug release,201841050035
  • Dr. Pushpalatha:Cranberry and grape seed extract as intracanal medicament,201841049190
  • Dr. Pushpalatha:Bioactive Theobromine composite dental material,201941054071
  • Dr Ravishankar: Esthetic strips for Selection anterior teeth in edentulous patients 201941054264 TEMP/E1/57241/2019-
  • Dr Shruthi Nagaraj: Cement dispenser-patent application 325296 – 001
  • Dr Babashankar Alva/​Dr Suma: Chrysalis reinforced oral prosthesis- 201841048758,TEMP/E‑1/52876 – 2018-CHE

We are committed to emerge as a research group of global reach in the design and development of novel bio-materials adhering to the required norms as well as affordable alternative in dental applications 

  • To apply the contemporary techniques for the design and development of new bio-materials for dental applications meeting the requirements of bio-compatibility and the mechanical properties 
  • To perform research on design, simulation and optimization studies to arrive at material composition of bio-material comprising natural /​synthetic compounds for dental applications and patient specific prototypes
  • To model, simulate, analyze and characterize the developed bio-materials for their efficacy in dental applications
  • To evaluate and assess the new biomaterials through in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical trials 
  • To transfer developed technologies of bio-materials for commercialization and entrepreneurship
  • To disseminate knowledge on concepts and good practices of applications of bio-material for use in dental application
  • To develop and pursue joint initiatives for collaboration and partnership with Universities, Research Centres and Industries to offer solution for bio-material in dental implants

Dental Grinder

Metal casting facility

Ceramic firing facility

Study microscopes

  • Bright field Microscopy
  • Stereomicroscopy
  • Phase contrast Microscopy
  • Dark field Microscopy
  • Polarizing Microscopy

Centrifuging device for obtaining plasma rich fibrin PRF

  • NAL

    National Aerospace Laboratories

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