Structural Design and Analysis Centre


The Structural Design and Analysis Centre focuses on structural optimisation, including topological optimisation and size optimisation, and structural integrity, including damage detection by AI/ML and fibre-reinforced concrete impact studies. We are also studying the ground landmine detection by AI/ML and the analytical modeling for seismic wave propagation. Our approach is extremely inter-disciplinary.


  • GENSOLV: A software tool for GENetic Structural Optimisation of Launch Vehicles, VSSC-RES-388 – 05, ISRO RESPOND, 2005- 2008 — Dr B V Vijay, PI
  • Structural Integrity of EX-Tank, CARS Project CVRDE/MMG/08 – 09/0033/CARS 2009 — Dr B V Vijay, PI
  • Re-design of Elevation Cylinder Bracket of EX-Tank, CARS Project, CVRDE/MMG/09 – 10/0035/CARS, 2010 — Dr B V Vijay, PI
  • Development Studies on Bubbled Armour for Penetration Resistance to 7.62mm AP Class Shot, CARS Project, CVRDE/14CR0002/MBT/13 – 14/LP, 2014 – 15 — Dr. B V Vijay, PI
  • Assessment of Liquefaction Potential using Analytical Methods, Atomic Energy Research Board (AERB), 2019 – 2022 — Dr S D Anithakumari, PI

Research Faculty

  • Dr B V Vijay (Professor, Aerospace Engineering, Head of SDAC)
  • Dr H M Rajashekaraswamy (Professor and Head, Civil Engineering)
  • Dr S D Anithakumari (Assoc. Professor, Civil Engineering)
  • Dr Nayana Patil (Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering)
  • Mr Chethan Gowda (Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering)
  • Mr Diwakar L (Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering)
  • Mr Nikhil T R (Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering)
  • Mr Srikrishna Badiger (Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mr Manjunath Ullegadi (Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mr Manish Haveri (Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering)
  • Mr Akshaykumar V H (Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering)
  • Mr Eshwar Reddy (Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering)
  • Mr Naveen Kumar (Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering)
  • Ms Chandanashree (Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering) 

The Structural Design and Analysis Centre seeks to engage in high-end computational and experimental research on materials and topological forms for enhancing the performance of structures in the civil, aerospace and industrial domains.

  • DRDO

    Defence Research and Development Organisation

  • Gok

    Government of Karnataka

  • Igcar

    Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research